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Open from dawn till dusk, El Pavón Teatro Kamikaze is a place for curiosity. A place for creation, meeting up, reflection, dialogue, learning, entertainment, training, living together and research. A project meant for living it and feeling it. That’s why we wanted to use the word Experiences for everything that happens there that go beyond mere performances. In the Kamikaze Theatre there will be workshops, conferences, meetings open to the public, rehearsals, readings and some other surprises.

Amongst the playwrights and directors who will impart the workshops in our theatre, people like Pablo Messiez, Carlota Ferrer, Álex Rigola, Alfredo Sanzol, Pascal Rambert, Jordi Casanovas, Israel Elejalde and Miguel del Arco will be seen, as well as many others who we will reveal to you very soon.

To keep informed regarding our Experiences, please visit the Spanish version of our website and discover:

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